• Android and iOS mobile apps and games localized into Russian;
  • Russian texts for your game or app (including texts on screenshots, titles, subtitles, descriptions, etc. for both Google Play and the App Store;
  • Landing page and website translation;
  • ASO (on both Google Play and the App Store);
  • Replying to user reviews on your behalf.

What you get translated from English into Russian in your games, apps, or websites:

  • In-game texts;
  • UI and menu elements;
  • FAQ and tutorials;
  • Character dialogues and subtitles;
  • Apple Store and Google Play marketing text;
  • Website marketing text, newsletter, announcements, and changelogs.

I can translate *XML or *strings files directly, it will save your time and money. Learn more about me and the services I offer here.

What you get after ordering ASO for your app or game:

  • ASO audit: analyzing your current app ASO status (texts, screenshots, rating/reviews, icon, conversion rates);
  • Analyzing competitors: examining the listings of your top competitors both in the App Store top charts and in the App Store search results to see what could be done to outperform them;
  • Creating a semantic core: exploring keywords your competitors are ranking for and choosing the most relevant with a decent amount of traffic score and popularity (using tools like Apple’s Search Ads, Appfollow, and Sensor Tower). Outlining a few sets of keywords for your app to apply and test for at least 3 weeks;
  • Deciding on an ASO strategy for your app or game;
  • Providing suggestions on what to change in your app icon, screenshots, and previews.

What you get after ordering ‘replying to reviews’ service for your games or apps:

  • Analyzing the current state of your ratings/reviews section. It should be at least 4.2 and higher to increase conversion and ranking of your app in search results;
  • Providing responses to user reviews especially rated with 1 to 3 stars;
  • Reporting reviews that breach the policies of the stores.


  • 6 months support for updates;
  • Assistance in testing localized texts (Russian words are longer — some UI elements will require adjustments for better user experience).

Please contact me to learn more about the services I offer, discuss your localization needs, cultural patterns, as well as the price. I’m flexible with both working on per hour basis and per word. Wanna get your game translated into Russian or properly optimized for the app stores?