Forge & Fight - Craft, Beat, Repeat!

Forge & Fight! is a badass physics-based weapon crafting mayhem by Flamebait Games.

The devs of the game reached out to me on Facebook and kindly asked to help with the game’s Steam page translation. The gig was to translate the page from English into Russian. It was just 166 words plus a couple of phrases in the gifs, but anyways, I was delighted to work on my next Steam game page translation.

It’s important to be in touch with the devs when working on the gig. Several words and phrases were specific, and I needed a bit of content. For instance, the names of the power-ups and abilities of the player were not clear enough from the game’s description on its Steam page. I had no option to check what it looked like in the game either. I came up with additional questions and I got my answers almost in no time. That helped me complete a task in a couple of hours. Hope my translation will help Flamebait Games convert and engage more Russian speaking users. And I’ll be definitely looking forward to getting my hands on localizing the game itself.

Feel free to check Forge and Fight! by Flamebait Games out on┬áSteam in both English and Russian. It’s currently in early access, so don’t forget to wishlist it!

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