Who should you work with: agency or freelancer? This is one of the most acute issues that arise in front of app developers or webmasters when it comes to choosing a partner for translating websites or games from English into Russian or other languages. You’ve probably already read some articles on the subject matter, but still, I’d like to toss in my two cents.

In this blog post, I want to outline 3 points why considering a freelancer to perform translation from English into Russian has more positive outcomes than signing up a contract with a localization agency. I bring to the table my experience working with both freelancers and agencies on the translation of the studio’s projects.

1. Personal approach

When you choose a freelancer over an agency, you get to know the person while interviewing him or her over email, Skype, or any other tool. You can learn a lot from the freelancer’s traits, manner of speaking, approach to handling the translation process. In return, you receive a personal approach to your app’s texts as every freelancer holds an interest in underpropping the reputation to keep receiving offers. And when you a person who’s actually going to work on your task it’s easier to communicate, set rules, and solve urgent matters. You’re sure that this freelancer is working on your game and normally is available almost 24/7.

2. Most agencies act as a “middleman”

Agencies do work with freelance translators. Here’s how it works: when they receive an order from you, they check their base of freelancers on contracts with them, contact those who’re capable of doing the task and send them your assets. Agencies usually don’t keep translators on-site. It’s more convenient for them to operate this way. If something urgent occurs (like new additions to the localization files or removal of some game features) it’s hard to get a quick answer from the agency. That’s why working directly with a freelancer is better.

3. Freelancers are more flexible

Obviously, price lists of agencies are a bit more expensive as they cover the cost of their own operations setting contract with you and giving a certain % of the total sum to the end translator. By excluding an agency from the chain you have all chances to find a more affordable hourly rate or price per certain amount of symbols: it helps you make your English to Russian translation cheaper, while at the same time the quality remains high as you work with the same freelance directly.

Besides, freelancers are flexible in terms of pricing and you can always negotiate on a price. That’s almost impossible in case of working with agencies.

These are my top 3 reasons for how you can benefit from working with a freelancer on the English-Russian translation of your game, app or website. They’re based on my personal experience and might differ from what you might’ve heard or read in other sources. Anyway, the more opinions, the better, right?

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