Did you know that Russia is in the 4th place among the largest app markets and constantly growing? There’re over 110 mln gamers in Russia and neighboring countries where gamers speak Russian as their second language. However, only about 10% of them speak and understand English.

Russia is in the 4th place among countries worldwide by overall downloads
Sensor Tower Q1 2019 Data Digest report

Russia surpassed Indonesia in mobile games and apps download numbers securing the 4th position at the beginning of 2019. A further breakdown shows that Russia is also in TOP-5 countries on both the App Store and Google Play with a 19% increase for the latter in comparison with the same period in 2018.

Data provided by Sensor Tower Q1 2019 report.

Translating your app from English into Russian allows you to drive more organic installs, expand your loyal user base, improve current game reviews (those complaints from Russian players with 1 to 3 stars), and at last but not least increase your chances of getting featured on the platforms in country-related picks.

Leaving Russian localization behind means missing thousands of new users coming into your app or game. It goes without saying that worldwide organic installs are one of the factors for your app or game to rank higher in the stores. You don’t want to miss this out right?

Hope this blog post was helpful. Feel free to ask your questions about the process of English-Russian translation of your game or app.

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